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Number one thing I recommend to people for their health is to drop their synthetic vitamins and replace with whole food USA sourced and produced supplement. If your not taking any supplements then definitely get on board with whole food supplement right away! I have spent years continuously researching the supplement industry and this company is by far the most pure and proven supplement in the world. I believe so strongly in this supplement that I plan to use it everyday for my whole life! I became a distributor and would like to offer everyone who purchases the trio set and vegan omega together from me a free 1 week health coaching session! Your session will include your choice of a 1 hour phone call, meetup if local, or video chat, as well as daily checkins and unlimited text support. During our chat we will discuss your health goals and how to reach them. So excited to offer this limited time bonus! Click here to order or message me (email, call or text) if you would like me to order for you.

Using a vegan omega is sustainable since over fishing is rampant, fish these days are increasingly more toxic, also the fish get their omegas from algae so Juice Plus went straight to the source! Getting the full spectrum of omegas is necessary for daily optimal health. Most people get too much 6, barely any 3, and almost zero of 5,7 and 9! When your body has all the omegas it needs then your body produces its own DHA. Omegas can help your body fight inflammation which is a trigger of many diseases.

The image below showcases all the vegan food sources you will be getting in the tri set and omega blend if you take all four together. Food is the easiest way for our body to assimilate vitamins and minerals. Isolated vitamins and synthetic vitamins take so much work for our body to process and they do not have the synergy of all nutrients working together that whole food has.

Anytime you change up your diet and or lifestyle for the better, your body will release toxins. This is called detox. If you do not drink enough water to flush these toxins, they will circulate in your bloodstream and then resettle back into your body. So remember to drink LOTS of water to truly detox! Other things that help detox are certain foods, herbs, and supplements. Herbal teas are another great detox vehicle! Cilantro removes heavy metals. Chorella, spirulina and chlorophyll are super helpful as well!!

Eating to live is very simple. Eat real food. Real food is straight from the earth or very minimally processed. People today spend a lot of time and money ingesting food products that serve close to zero benefit. Most food products do the opposite of what we are hoping, we are hoping for health and an energy boost but instead get disease.

I believe God created us to prosper in health: body, mind and spirit! In return we are to give all glory to Him! God has even given us many clues in his word on how best to care for our bodies which are His temple since His Spirit dwells within us. Hosea 4:6 He says My people perish for lack of knowledge. He wants us to have the knowledge, wisdom and skills to best care for our body, mind and spirit!

Don’t forget, the number one top thing you can do for your health is take a whole food supplement! Purity and quality is most important. I have researched the best brands and this one comes out way above the rest! 100% USA sourced and made and over 30 published medical journal studies. I recommend the trio and the vegan full spectrum omega blend. Order Juice Plus here

If you would like more info about Juice Plus or links to studies done on particular ailments and diseases message me here

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